Thursday, 18 January 2018

Some old 4th Edition archers

Quite unbeknownst to me, I seem to have painted a High Elf model from 8th to 5th edition. My latest post is no exception and today I'll show you some 4th edition archers.

I don't know why, but I really love that old 4th edition box set, with the High Elves and Goblins. The cover for that set, must be one of the most iconic scenes of artwork for Warhammer, and it helps that is is full of nostalgia. I was fortunate to get a brand new box on that set a few years ago, all unpunched, and I loved cracking open that box and looking at all that mono pose models.

So good.

So I have recently finished my archers, a unit of 15. Complete with command from the same era, and resplendent with an old school sticker banner.

Ranking these guys has always been a problem, so these guys have been placed on the bases either left of right justified, in order to still fire and the front and rank up correctly.

A very classic scheme, but I love it non the less.

Next I am working on an old  repeater bolt thrower.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Silver Helms from Eataine

I also made a start on some silver helms, the cool metal ones from 5th Edition. Although at this stage I have only done 3, and I am still figuring out what to do for the shields. All up I have 14 to do, and they performed rather well in the last game, holding up a big mob of Night Goblins and Skarsnik for a few combat rounds.

 The good ol banner from one of my ancient armies books.

Considering my force is mainly from Eataine (though I want to have units from every province), I took a lot of inspiration from the High Elf heraldry book. As a result, I quite like the yellow and red, and fits in with my archers.

I still need to do the other 11, but I will chip away at them as I do some other units I think.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Alarielle, Everqueen of Ulthuan

I couldn't resist painting up such an exquisite model, especially after reading the Tyrion and Teclis short story in the old Warhammer Armies: High Elves books.

I pretty much painted it as close to the GW scheme as possible. Just couldn't nail that very faint green 'glow' on the robes. Still quite happy with it, and I love using all my flowers now, very fitting!

And no, I didn't varnish this one. Learnt from last time, though will see how the new spray goes when it gets here.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Total War: Warhammer II is to blame...

Just like the title suggests, it is totally to blame for my next series of posts. Fantasy Battle nostalgia has hit me in a big way, in no small part because of Warhammer II.

So to start off, in honour of the Vortex Campaign, I painted up my favourite character from it, Tyrion the Defender, which is totally what I went with when he was fully upgraded, not the avatar if Khaine.

Anyways, here he is.

It doesn't show up that much in these photo's, but the 'matt' varnish I gave him, wasn't matt. I am currently awaiting a fix for it though, so hopefully that makes him less gloss. I must say, I don't normally varnish models, but thought for this centere piece I would. Just goes to show how new I am at this.

Inaddition to this, I have also painted up some other models, which I will to get to, and had a game of good ol 8th ed. No photo's from the game unfortunately, however, we are having a Triumph and Treachery 3 way in the next week, so I will endeavour to remember to take some photo's.

It has been so good to paint some square bases again, and a lot of fun delving into Warhammer Fantasy again, so stay tuned for some more, whether you are into it or not.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Death Guard: Plague Surgeon complete

Despite the busy schedule, completed my next Death Guard unit, the Plague Surgeon, for those much needed boosts to the Disgustingly Resilient rolls.

Quite pleased with how he turned out.

Next I am planning on either doing the Blight Lord Terminators or having a crack at another singular unit.

At least that is the plan, until my copy of Necromunda arrives.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, 19 November 2017

First Death Guard unit complete

I have been busy painting away at the Death Guard, and revisiting the Old World in Total War Warhammer 1 and 2.

But I am glad to have finished one unit. Here it is.

I am very pleased with how they turned out. Not so much with the yellow plasma OSL, but they are painted and I will not touch them again till it is all done.

I have bought everything for my Death Guard, except Mortarion. So when I get him, I will have 2000pts straight up. Though for once, I am only planning on getting 2000pts, and no more for the Death Guard.

Next up is a Plague Surgeon, which should be an easy elite to paint, and I do want to tackle my Blight Lord Terminators, as I am happy with the slight conversions I have done on them.

Still haven't had my second game with the DG, but hoping that once work dies down, it will happen.

I also have on the way, the new Necromunda. I am super pumped for it, so I will add my progress on that when it arrives.

As always, thanks for looking.


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Back into the swing of things...

Well, hobby time has been inconsistent, mainly due to work and family commitments, but I finally have something to show. With the start of 8th edition, and coupled with the release of the new Death Guard, I thought I would start a force.

This contrasts rather nicely as my friend is starting a Minotaurs army, and due to the fluff in the DG book about them raiding the Minotaurs fortress monastery and tainting their gene stocks, I think that makes for a rather nice incentive for a campaign!

So I have decided on a scheme and I went for a corrupted and corroded heresy Death Guard scheme. I essentially used these YouTube videos form Brush and Boltgun to help paint them.

Basic scheme video

Corrosion video

And here are my efforts.

I think they look the part! I still have 4 more of the squad to complete, but am hoping the going gets easier as I get more familiar with the scheme.

I have also managed to get in a game with the new DG, and I must say, they are tough! I do like that Disgustingly Resilient and high toughness, though they are very slow. I am hoping to at least finish this squad and my Malignant Plaguecaster, as they were the standout units from my last game, especially that Plaguecaster.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

A bonding experience

Well, it certainly has been awhile.

I decided to make this post, as it was my first game of fantasy for a very long time. Since both my boys are sick at the moment, it was an ideal time to have a small go at something that wouldn't have them running around.

So I cracked out my ancient 4th ed High Elves, and faced them off against my Orc's and Goblins. I used rough 8th ed rules, but very rough, but this was more about the experience rather than a hard core game.

Anyways, here are some pics I took of this special occasion.

 My boys took command of the Elven infantry and cavalry. I took the loathsome orcs.
 All of the elves are from 4th or 5th edition. After playing this game, I do want to start painting them up, old school wise.

 The infantry take their toll on the orcs and his bodyguard.

 My son getting the hang of rolling fist fulls of dice, and selecting the target numbers he needs. Great to see that excitement!

On the whole a rather positive experience for them, so despite me getting wiped, they had a grand time of rolling dice and killing orcs.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Land Riader Caledonia complete!

Well I have an update on the Land Raider Phobos that I posted a while a go. After a recent game, in which it survived 3 turns of shooting, I found some motivation to get it painted and did so.

So here is the Land Raider Caledonia

I acknowledge the weathering on the side, where I wet the powders wasn't the best, and I'll fix that at some stage, when it annoys me enough, but I think I can live with it for the moment and move on to finish Archamus.

I tried to fix the shield so used a slightly smaller one from an old Bretonnian sprue I had lying around. Keen to hear some feedback.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Imperial Fists showcase

I was asked recently for an army shot. Thought it has been awhile, and since it was sunny, thought I'd give it a shot.

Lords of War
Rogal Dorn
Fellblade 'Eidelweiss'

Alexis Polux
4 Power Armour Praetor/Consul/Captain
2 Librarians
1 Chaplain
1 Power armour command squad
2 Primaris Medicae

10 Veterans in Power Armour
6 Terminators
8 Huscarls
2 Dreadnoughts

Tactical Squad I (Rhino)
Tactical Squad II(Rhino)
Tactical Squad III (Rhino)
Legion Breacher Squad
Recon Squad (Scouts)

Fast Attack
3 Land Speeders

Heavy Support
2 Land Raider Proteus
1 land Raider Phobos
Land Raider Spartan
7 Devastators
1 Leviathan

 All this comes to around 7300pts all painted. Quite pleased with it. I have finished the Land Raider I was working on, and will post some closeups soon.

Thanks for looking.